Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Congratulations, Prof Sanjay Kumar!!!

Prof Sanjay Kumar (Prof of Operations Mgt & ERP) was invited to the 1st International Research Forum, being organised by SAP Research, Darmstadt/Germany, on March 27th.

The Forum is an exclusive "Think Tank" of 30 international researchers in the field of IT, and will discuss the IT Megatrends for the coming future. Among those invited are the Chief Technology Officers, Head of Research, Partners, etc., of organisations such as HP Labs, Siemens AG, Intel, SAP, MIT, Carnegie Mellon Univ, Rutger University, McKinsey, etc.

Prof Sanjay Kumar is among the two Indians to be invited to this forum, the other being the Head of Reseach for Infosys Technologies.

[Prof Sanjay Kumar is BE from IIT Roorkee, and MTech & PhD from IIT Kanpur. He had over 10 years of industry experience, before joining XLRI a couple of years back]

Congratulations to Prof Sanjay Kumar!!!


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hatori hanzo is happy

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hatori hanzo

seriously the guy has some mole in the right spot

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let us all celebrate in HARD ROCK CAFE.....everything on the house for student achievers!!!

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Wow! Great news indeed. May Prof. Sanjay's tribe increase.
-Prakash (BM-00)