Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Placements 2006 @XLRI

-Foreign Offers from Ernst & Young (UAE) and Mahindra British Telecom
-Significant rise in first time participants across all sectors
-IBM, Cognizant, Ernst & Young, Hewitt Associates among largest recruiters

The Campus Recruitment Program 2006 at XLRI Jamshedpur, School of Management, has concluded on a grand note. Companies vied with each other to select the 186 students, both from the Business Management (BM) and Personnel Management & Industrial Relations (PM&IR) courses.

3 students signed out with offers from McKinsey, the consulting major, which offered a package of 13 Lakhs. The highest offer was made by McKinsey, followed by Hay Group, Accenture Business Consulting and HSBC Bank. The average salary for the batch this year was 8.4 Lakhs, a significant rise as compared to the corresponding figure of the previous year, 7.4 Lakhs. Over 25 students were offered salaries of 10 lakhs or more.

IBM (23), Cognizant (15), Goldman Sachs Equity Research (12), Ernst & Young Human Capital (11), ICICI Prudential (9), Hewitt Associates (8), and Nokia (7) were among the largest recruiters this year making the maximum number of offers. Over 50 companies were a part of the process, of which 9 were participating for the first time. Reflecting the growing brand equity of both XLRI’s Business Management as well as the top notch PM&IR programme, this year saw a significant increase in the institute’s consulting portfolio with first time recruiters Capgemini Consulting, KPMG Consulting, SAP America, Nokia, Oracle and Virtusa in addition to the regular premier recruiters like Accenture Business Consulting, Ernst & Young Human Capital, Hay Group, Hewitt Associates, IBM Business Consulting and McKinsey. 21% of the batch opted for consulting firms.

The Banking, Finance and Insurance sector ranked among students’ top preferences with 26% accepted offers across companies in this sector. This sector also witnessed a phenomenal increase in the number of jobs and the nature of roles being offered as compared to the last year. This has been a result of not only the burgeoning economy, but also to the fact that XLRI is the only Business School in India which offers a dual specialization in Finance and Economics. Besides the top banks like Citibank, HSBC Bank, ICICI Bank and Standard Chartered Bank, Lehman Brothers India and Goldman Sachs Equity Research featured in the list of companies in this sector for the first time. The insurance sector, represented by AIG and ICICI Prudential picked up 11 students.

XLRI’s forte as an FMCG favourite was further reinforced this year by the active participation of top organizations – Asian Paints, Cadbury, Coca Cola, Colgate Palmolive, HLL, ITC, GSK, Marico, Nestle, Pepsi, Reckitt Benckiser and Seagrams. 27% of the students signed out with offers from FMCG / Manufacturing firms.

4 students signed out with the Business Conglomerate TAS.

The number of Lateral offers made was 82. 53 candidates were offered PPOs (Pre-Placement Offers), another 18 were offered PPIs (Pre-Placement Interviews).

Prof. Sabysachi Sengupta, Chairperson – Placements, summed up Campus Placements 2006 - “This year has witnessed a phenomenal increase in the portfolio of companies as well as the diversity of profiles offered. XLRI has always had outstanding placements in the HR and Marketing fields, but with offers from McKinsey, Accenture, KPMG in Consulting and HSBC Bank, GSER and Lehman Bros., in Finance ., this year’s placements have been brilliant with premium organizations across all sectors recruiting the students. We thank the participating companies who made the Campus Recruitment Process a grand success.”


Akhilesh Verma said...

i was wondering as to what percentage of students in the "25 people to get a salary of over 10 lac p.a " segment are freshers ?
i gather that there is a general difference in the packages for work ex and for freshers ???
thanx for the infromation
Mr. Verma

amIda1 said...


Where can i find BM specific and PMIR specific recruitment details? They make ALOT of difference! I guess its hight time you guys start sharing that info as well!


Anonymous said...

Very true...PMIR has been the forte of XL and thus, there should be no hesitation in disclosing PM specific salaries

skhullar said...

i agree...this will help the new joinees to better assess the situation and be aware of where they stand. exact figures need not be disclosed, even ranges or %ages would do.
Also, the distinction B/W packages of freshers and EP's would also be really helpful

Anonymous said...

Yes, if the details (program specific and Experience specific) can be made accessible it would enable students to make a better decision after weighing all their options.

I believe that XLRI'ians should make this data available as the IIMs


Amit said...

What is the difference in salaries of the PM-IR and BM programs normally.

can anyone tell me if foreign offers are made for PM-IR course.

I am a lateral with 2 yrs exp and am planning to join PM-IR.

My id is