Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Xpress Reloaded - An XLRI Exclusive For UG Students

The External Linkages Cell of XLRI Jamshedpur, one of India’s oldest Management Schools, has come up with a unique Media Promotional Event, Xpress. The first version of the event, organized last year, was the first of its kind among B-Schools. The event is all the more different in that, it is held exclusively for Undergraduate students.

Xpress Reloaded – that is how it has been christened this year – has four categories, Print, Video, Audio and Web Media. The contestants are expected to design a media campaign to promote their respective Colleges through any of these four media. The print advertisement – in colour or Black and White – could be either in A3 or A4 size, the size of a Magazine or Newspaper page. The Video and Audio Promos could run for a maximum of 20 minutes each. The Video promo could be a documentary, a music album, a skit or any other innovation one could dream up. The Audio promo could be in the form of a narrative, an interview, or a general recording from College. This category could be in English or Hindi. The Web category should have a Web page telling one about the Institute. The page should be uploaded and working before the due date. What’s more, there is no restriction on working with audio and video files.

While the Video category can have a team comprising two to four members, the other categories should necessarily have two members in each. A team can take part in a maximum of two categories. Any number of teams can participate from the same College.

A panel comprising eminent professors and students from XLRI will judge the entries. The winners in all four categories, in addition to attractive cash prizes, will be rewarded with an all-expense paid trip to XLRI to be part of the annual inter B-School fest, Ensemble ’03. Here, they will get an opportunity to compete against the finest minds from the other B Schools in a variety of events ranging from Quizzes to Games.

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