Monday, September 22, 2003

XLRI-IIMC Meet Draws to a Close

The annual XLRI-IIMC Meet culminated amidst much camaraderie and warm hugs exchanged between the XLRI and IIMC students.

After two days of intense competition between the two B schools, IIMC came up trumps on their home ground. However , all the events were evenly contested which made for an enthralling experience for those watching as well as those competing.

The first day saw various events like Badminton , Volleyball , Women’s Basketball etc. In the playing arena , there were no quarters asked and none given. However the first day culminated with a rock show featuring the bands of both the B-Schools. The icing on the cake was perhaps the ‘jugalbandi’ between both the bands , which had the crowd on their feet.

But come the next day , and both contingents retreated to their competitive selves .The second day saw ferocious competition in the remaining events Frisball , Hockey , Basketball and the main event-Football , which played in the Salt Lake Stadium.

The day ended with a liberal dose of informal events including a game of Sepak Takraw ( also called ‘Foot Volley ‘ ) and a Sports Quiz which had an interesting stipulation in that only combined teams were allowed , which helped in building the camaraderie even more .

As the event drew to an end , the first year students of both schools were left itching for the next year to experience the ‘mini-Olympic’ thrill once again while the second years had to be content with the memory and the opportunity to reminisce about the event sometime way into the future.

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