Saturday, December 02, 2006

XLRI wins the CRISIL Young Thought Awards 2006

XLRI has won the prestigious CRISIL young thought leaders awards, 2006. These awards are for the best dissertations by B-School students, and as the quality of dissertations is reflective of both the students’ ability and the Institutional infrastructure to guide them, it is another strong indicator of the leadership position that XLRI has established for itself.
This year there were 10 topics of various domains, topical issues in finance on the banking sector, personal tax, operational risk and on how to tackle issues hindering overall development like rural infrastructure. XLRI won 4 of the total 10 awards. The winners from XL were Nitin Dhawan, Rahul Singh, Saurabh Mishra and Madan Mohan. Other prominent winners included IIMA and IIMB with one award each. XLRI also won the CRISIL young thought leader trophy, an award for the ‘overall best b-school’.
Commenting on the competition, one of the winners, Madan Mohan had to say that the CYTL competition was unique as “clear cut topics were given and the paper was expected to be analytical and research based.” In fact, the success of XLRI students in many of these competitions can be, in part, attributed to the institution as well. Another winner, Nitin Dhawan said, “Its a great honor for me to be selected for CYTL given the fact that the event holds so much recognition both in the industry as well as academia. This has been made possible by the consistent guidance and feedback received from the faculty members of the institute.”
XLRI has had several other successes as well. It won the prestigious TATA Board room award, which involved a simulation of a multi billion dollar automotive company tackling the European markets. This contest proposed to settle the age old question of which b-school produced the best managers!!
What is noteworthy is that unlike most other institutes; the first years are competing on an equal footing and winning. The XL team won the overall third prize for excellence in IIM A-Confluence, the only 1st year team to win the excellence award in IIM A.
The young guns of XL have set the stage for their continued dominance in the years to come

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their continued dominance in the years to come
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