Saturday, December 02, 2006

XLRI Organizes National IT Seminar ( NITS) 2006

XLRI is hosting its annual IT seminar, NITS from Dec 2nd-3rd. The biggest such event across all b-schools , it seeks to bridge business and technology by bringing business and the business leaders of tomorrow on one platform.
The first event in NITS was Xhume, the online quiz which was held between 27th Nov-2nd Dec. It witnessed participation of over 1500 enthusiasts .Apart from the top Indian b-schools, we also saw participation form top international schools like Cornell University, USA, INSTEAD, Paris and Norway University. This is the only b-school quiz which is open to the general public, and several participants from Oracle, UBS and other corporates as well as b-school aspirants slogged it out for the prizes.
The main events got underway with the inauguration of the seminar by Mr. Subroto Bagchi, the COO and Co-founder, Mindtree Consulting. He spoke on the importance of convergence and how simultaneity, a state of being where business needs to be more agile and robust in their response to the emerging challenges and how IT is the enabler to overcome these challenges.
IBM Xpress, the paper presentation contest was held during the afternoon, and the winners were XLRI Jamshedpur and SCMHRD. Forthcoming events include Blitzkrieg which is a 24 hour debate contest, XQuizitive the Business quiz, and a gaming contest.
A guest lecture by Mr. Sreejit Roy, Senior Consultant IBM global services on Corporate Success Stories: A consultant’s perspective. This talk will focus on the careers in consulting, and will be followed by Infosys Xplicate
The panel discussion on Business innovation through IT will feature stalwarts like Mr. Shivkant Mokashi, CIO Tata Steel and Mr. Debapriya Dasgupta, Director and Chief Architect Cognizant.
World over the excitement of the convergence of business & technologies is palpable among firms. It is more so due to rapid advancement in all forms of technology, be it ICE, storage or computing. Convergence combines the power of technology and the might of businesses. Leveraging newer technologies to talk to your customer, deliver product, improve operational process, enhance information dissemination along the value chain holds the key to survival of businesses in today’s environment. But there are many who do not see the merit in this convergence. The enormity of the implications of this convergence has failed to shake them out of their reverie. We in our quest to bridge business & technology have chosen this as the theme of our annual National IT Seminar (NITS) 2006. Let the pioneers of business & technology come together, probe deep into this convergence and once and for all establish its virtues.

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