Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Year that was...

And ...
And ... The Class of 2006 witnessed one of the most spectacular Senior's nite on Saturday 11th February 2006. Dracula dressed up JLT in her most stunning outfits, white being the colour of the evening. The branches of the Bodhi Tree were lit up with multi coloured jewels.

While the evening ended with a spectacular video for the Class of 2006, EL thought we could end this blogging stint with a recap of what the class of 2006 saw.

The Class of 2006 saw some spectacular events. After XL-IIMC being called off due to "heavy rains" the Class of 2006 ventured to organize the Summer Internship Process. The summers for the class of 2007 saw 9 international offers. Stipends sky rocketed and almost all national dailies and channels like CNBC covered the placements.

Next on the event calendar came Ensemble. The event once again showcased XL in the top league. Name the corporate house and we had it as sponsor. Ensemble saw 1800 people participate from far and wide. Participants traveled across the length and breadth of the country to be at XL.

Then happened something which all Xlers know by now but world would only know of it only next month ... SShhh!!!. They rose to applaud and hail The Trinity! Congratulations and celebrations!!

Through December and January XL danced to the tunes from dusk to dawn, welcomed the alumni of the 1980 batch and celebrated the arrival of a new year in traditional revelry.

By the last week of January the class of 2006 organized the MAXI fair and also pioneered an Investor Mela to make small investors aware of various instruments available to them. Post MAXI fair was the National HR Conference.

Dracula 2005-06 revived a lost legacy of an annual play for Jamshedpur residents. "The Night of January 16th" a courtroom drama by Ayn Rand was spectacularly staged at the TATA auditorium. The play was professionally done with lights, sounds, costumes and everything else required in a play all arranged with utmost precision.

As the batch of 2006 graduates ... Lets leave this here!!... this is not a forum to express what we felt. Every XLer knows it well.

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