Wednesday, August 18, 2004

XLRI to help Tatas reskill VRS-optees

From the pages of Business Line dated August 16, 2002

FOR the Tatas, it is never a `bye bye' for employees, even for those who have prematurely left the organisation through the VRS route.
Consequently, some of the Tata companies located in the region have approached the Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI) and asked it to create a cell for retraining these people for redeployment purposes.
XLRI is a business management school created by the Jesuit Society at the request of the Tatas to educate trade union leaders about their role in the proper functioning of an organisation.
Fr P.D. Thomas, Director of XLRI, said the Tata companies had also requested for the creation of a placement cell for the retired people. ...
He said the companies which had approached XLRI were Tata Iron & Steel Company, Tata Engineering & Locomotive Company, Telco Construction Company and Tinplate Company of India. All these companies, and others located in the region had undertaken massive manpower reduction programmes in the last few years. Full Story
Another Story:
The Financial Express, August 8, 2002

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