Saturday, August 07, 2010

XLRI-Packard Foundation Workshop for Public Health Professionals

Jamshedpur (The Pioneer, Aug 7): With an aim to promote the leadership development in the health sector, the premier B-school XLRI is conducting a two-day workshop for public health professionals dealing in reproductive health.

The Appreciative Assessment and Reinforcement Workshop, started on Friday, is being held with the support of the David and Lucile- Packard Foundation for the past participants of this inittiative. The two jointly began work on the issue of Leadership Development for Reproductive Health Professionals in 2009.

Programme coordinator, Visha Ballabh, who is the professor, Central for Rural management, XLRI, said that the specific objectives of the workshop are to overview and reflections since the leadership development training, consolidation and reinforcement of leadership capability of the participants through mutual learning and networking and provide feedback and strategies to strengthen the leadership development programme for health sector in general and RH in particular.

Pooja, a research assistant in XLRI said that the curriculum was designed through a series of consultative process. The feedback received from the participants during the training has encouraged them and they are overwhelmed that some of the participants have seriously made attempts to bring about change within themselves and also in their organisation. This workshop has been organised to further reinforce mutual learning.

She went on to inform that it would comprise of participants who have previously attended leadership development training at XLRI and it aims to strengthen and improve the leadership capability among participants by enabling them to track their own capabilities, attitudes and beliefs as leaders and also provide an opportunity to learn and build networks.

In the same series, the 3rd Training Programme on Leadership Development for Public and NGO’s Reproductive Health Professionals will be organised during August 10-17, 2010, and will be attended by District and State level health professionals like Civil surgeons, ACMO, RCH and District Programme Managers, NGO’s leaders working in the area of Reproductive Health, maternal and child care.

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