Friday, August 20, 2010

Joy of Giving Week (Sept 26-Oct 2, '10): XLRI to anchor Jamshedpur JoyFest on grand scale

Jamshedpur (August 20, The Pioneer): City-based leading B-school XLRI is gearing up to celebrate Jamshedpur JoyFest 2010 as a part of the nationwide event, Joy of Giving Week (JGW), in grand scale this time. The JGW event is scheduled from September 26 to October 2.

In a meeting between XLRI students’ committee members of SIGMA (Social Initiative Group for Managerial Action) and CII-Yi (CII-Young Indians), plans were chalked out for the JGW.

Prof Madhukar Shukla, chairperson, external linkages, XLRI, said that this was the second meeting for the purpose, and they were also joined by student club — Sankalp — of NIT Jamshedpur. In an earlier meeting in July with local stakeholders and NGOs, some ideas had been brainstormed to celebrate the week.

“We have decided that many events held last year will be repeated this year too including “Vastra-Samman” however, it was also discussed that the initiatives launched during this week should have wider, longer-lasting and sustainable impact.

This year it has been decided to design and launch a training programme on “basic accounting” for the Self-Help Groups through collaborating with local NGOs, such as Kalamandir and to participate — and give time and skills —in the education programme run by the Rotary Club.

Officials informed that plan this time is to involve the schools children more actively through Design for Change programme, which is a nationwide event, give in terms of one’s time and professional skills to counsel the school students for vocational guidance.

NIT students club —Sankalp — offered to use their engineering skills to develop inexpensive technologies such as smokeless chulhas, water filters, which can be provided to slum-dwellers and in rural areas.

The school music bands will be organised to create a musical evening to raise funds for charities and NGOs. The reach of the XLRI alumni network will be used to create larger awareness of the JGW, and involve them in the planned events, through use of social media.

It was also noted that last year, the key initiative of Jamshedpur JoyFest was Vastra Samman, through which over 4 trucks of wearable clothes were collected and distributed to the needy in the rural areas through the NGOs.

Last year the celebrations started with a bike rally on September 27, with students, staff and faculty rallying around the city to spread awareness about the “Joy of Giving Week’’ through gifting clothes to the less-privileged.

This day was also dedicated to the senior citizens. The students visited Nirmal Hrudaya, an old-age home. Special performances were arranged to entertain the residents. The students performed dance, played music and distributed sweets.

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