Friday, August 28, 2009

XLRI Students to Participate in New York Univ's Social Entrepreneurship Conference

Jamshedpur, Aug. 27 (The Telegraph): Students of XLRI are all set to take issues related to rural women and environment to a global platform.

Two students of personnel management and industrial relations — Rashmi Kamath and Mahima — have got a chance to present a case study on the topic “Challenges of scaling and measuring social impact” at the 6th Annual Satter Conference of Social Entrepreneurs organised by Stern School of Business of New York University.

This year’s conference is dedicated to ongoing research on Social Entrepreneurship.

The abstract of the case study is based on scalability issues of social entrepreneurship. In mid-August, XLRI sent the abstract to the organisers and within a week they received a response. The subject of the study is New Education and Environment Visions (NEEV), a city-based unit that specialises in herbal soap making. NEEV, which started its operation in 2007 as a herbal soap making unit under Khadi and Village Industries Commission, trains rural women of Hurlung village and helps them to be self-sufficient.

“The presentation of the study in the US will bring in more business for us as well as directly help 200 women associated with us,” said Shikha Jain, the director of NEEV.

“We have Social Entrepreneurship as a paper in our course, so when we came to know about the conclave, we decided to participate. We will focus on the problems faced of a new social venture,” said Mahima.

The conference is scheduled to be held in the first week of November in New York and over 80 entries have poured in from across the globe. The students are looking for sponsors to fund their trip to the US.

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