Thursday, November 08, 2007

Summer Placements Blaze at XLRI

The Summer Placement Process at XLRI was a resounding success, with the crème-de-la-crème of the corporate world vying for the best talents of this country. The profiles offered were varied, from Hedge Funds to Retail Banking, Strategy Consulting to Human Resources, and Branding to Operations.

With domestic stipends reaching astronomical heights of Rs. 5 Lakhs (Lehman Brothers), the process resulted in the batch of 2009 being placed in exclusive roles with the best companies in the industry, both from India and abroad. Lehman Brothers, J P Morgan Chase, Hay and Microsoft offered stipends of more than a lakh (for domestic offers), while Novartis, HUL, ABG, P&G, Transworld, Asian Paints and ICICI made foreign offers. HSBC, Ernst & Young, ABG, Edelweiss, Deloitte Consulting, IBM and Nokia were the largest recruiters this year with the highest number of accepted offers. Other premier recruiters include Carlyle, Accenture Business Consulting, KPMG, TAS, Yahoo etc.

XLRI makes Inroads into Finance & Economics

XLRI’s core strength lies in its fundamentals of Faculty and Student Quality. XLRI today boasts of a faculty size of twenty in the area of Finance and Economics, which is unrivalled across B-school campuses in India. This long term vision of XLRI has produced excellent results in terms of the recruiters visiting XLRI such as Lehman Investment Banking, EightCapital Hedge Fund, Indea Capital, Lotus Asset Management, in addition to the premier traditional recruiters like J P Morgan Chase, The Carlyle Group, Edelweiss, Rabo Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Citi Bank, Standard Chartered, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank and SBI Capital Markets. 27% of the students signed out with offers from the Finance sector.

The Top Consults prefer XLRI

XLRI strengthened its relationships with the Consulting Prima Donnas with 21% of the offers coming from KPMG Consulting, Ernst & Young Human Capital, Hay Group, Hewitt Associates, Mercer Consulting, Accenture Business Consulting, Deloitte Consulting and IBM Business Consulting. The consulting clique was further enriched by the esteemed additions of Price Waterhouse Coopers and Tishman Speyers International Consulting.

The Place to be for Marketing Professionals

XLRI's proven track record as an FMCG favourite was reinforced by the active participation of top organizations - Asian Paints, Britannia, Cadbury, Coke, Colgate Palmolive, GlaxoSmithKline, HUL, ITC, Johnson & Johnson, Marico, Nestle, P&G, Pepsi and Reckitt Benckiser. 37% of the students signed out with offers from FMCG / Manufacturing firms.

The legendary leadership of XLRI in HR and Marketing is now being rivalled by its solid reputation in the Finance and Consulting Areas. The motto of ‘Excellence and Integrity’ has shone through in the quality of students and companies in the Internship process, the best of Corporate India vied among itself to offer challenging and rewarding roles to the students.

Professor Uday Damodaran, Chairperson of the Placement Committee, commenting on the successful completion of the Summer Internship Process, had this to say “The challenge of running a placement system is one of continuously catering to the changing preferences/ needs of the students and recruiters. Reflecting the changing preferences of students all over, at XLRI too we saw- this year- a larger proportion of students interested in taking up summer assignments in the finance domain/ consultancy sector. To the credit of the student Placement Committee, they have been able to successfully address the needs of the students who participated in the summer internship programme”

Summer Placements 2008 @ XLRI - Highlights

  • Highest Domestic Stipend of Rs 5 Lakhs by Lehman Investment Banking
  • Highest International Stipend of Rs 1.75 Lakhs by Novartis
  • Around 10 overseas offers were made from Novartis, HUL, ABG, P&G, Transworld, Asian Paints and ICICI
  • 2/3rd of the batch placed in Slot 1 in less than 36 hours
  • First time recruiters in the Financial sector include Lehman Investment Banking, 8 Capital Hedge Fund, Indea Capital, Lotus Asset Management etc
  • 20 companies took part in the process for the First time
  • 60+ companies made internship offers to the batch

Sector Wise Breakup


Accepted Offers





















Anonymous said...

Good to see XL progress into Finance. But, why isnt the Alumni helping XL out by leveraging their posts across more illustrious institutions..

Anonymous said...

It is surprising to see an Asian Paints get first slot ahead of an Eight capital. Such decisions do the institute no favours. Needless to say brandbuilding in Finance is still in infancy and people still flinch when asked to recruit XL guys for Finance roles in bulge bracket Investment banks.. The pain which finance focussed guys in XL have endured in the past is probably somewhat less, but no need to overdo the congratulations: If this year a top business school like XL didnt have hedgefunds and PE firms on campus, it would have been very surprising.
The question remains where does Xl view itself in Finance, Im sure it has got the students to rival the IIMs & the faculty too definitely. So why this acceptanec of mediocrity.. more noises and industry participation in financial sector needed to boost the campus image. If you set US Bschools as benchmark the effectiveness of our Alumni Network is woeful. In vain I tried to search for alumni in Investment banks..there just isnt any platform to be used for that. There is no bloomberg in campus. However how many know that head of Indian Investment Banking in Lehman is from XL. Its a real pity

Anonymous said...

wat bout the placements of the PMIR course?
does the above include everything or only for the bm group.. please verify

King said...

When you say Coke was on campus for recruitment, which Coke are you talking about- Hindustan Coca Cola Bottling Co.(HCCB) or Coca Cola India?

External Linkages Cell, XLRI Jamshedpur said...

@Anonymous - This data includes placements for both the BM & PMIR course.

@King - The Coke that we are referring to here is Coca Cola India Ltd. This is the Coke company which has been visiting XLRI in the past as well.

Team External Linkages,
XLRI Jamshedpur

King said...

Thank you for your prompt reply. :)Knowing that Coca Cola India is a regular at XLRI is indeed inspirational!
And hey! Good luck to everyone for the XAT!