Thursday, March 08, 2007

One Stop for Consulting and Finance Majors: XLRI CRP 2007

The Campus Recruitment Process at XLRI ended with an epoch – making 50 % rise in average salary, higher than any B-school in India, with the best, biggest companies from across industries vying for the crème de la crème of the country. While the average stands at 12.6 lacs p.a. the median is an astounding 13.06 lacs p.a., reflecting the uniformly splendid placement performance of this institute. A lowest salary of 8.6 lacs p.a is something which possibly no other b-school in India can boast of! The highest domestic salary offered was a top-of-the-line 16 lacs p.a. There were 10 foreign offers, with an average of $85000 and a highest of $100,000.

Consulting Majors root for XLers

Consulting and Finance firms were the cynosure of this paradigm-shifting placement scene at XLRI. As a salute to the quality of the consulting professionals produced by XLRI, both from its Business Management Programme and Asia’s Best Personnel Management & Industrial Relations Programme, Consulting majors made a beeline to XLRI, making 24 % of the offers. McKinsey led the Consulting bandwagon while Hewitt was the top recruiter with 18 offers, followed by Accenture Business Consulting with 8 offers! E&Y, KPMG, Stern Stewart, Mercer and first timers TSMG were the other Big Boys of the Consulting Industry which hand-picked consultants from XLRI.

XLRI establishes Finance as its forte

XLRI’s stellar performance in the Finance Sector during the Lateral Recruitment Process was just a prelude to its continued dominance in this sector at the CRP, with 30 % of the offers from this sector. Finance students at XLRI were offered a plethora of choices, and they got to pick exactly the super-specialization they had in mind. Profiles ranged from treasury sales, investment banking, risk management, equity research, equity sales, credit rating and private equity. The major recruiters in this sector were Goldman Sachs which made 9 offers, JPMC, Rabo Bank, CitiFinancial, ICRA, L&T, Adventity, and ICICI Prudential. The Banking Sector was represented by leaders like HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Standard Chartered and UTI. With XLRI making its mark in the Money Market, prestigious new recruiters from this sector were drawn towards XLRI, like Calyon, IDFC Private Equity & Ocwen Financials among others.

Giving every student his dream job!

XLRI has been an FMCG Favourite, and its fruitful partnership with giants like P&G, ITC, Asian Paints, HLL(now HUL), Nokia, Marico, Nestle, Colgate-Palmolive, Cadbury’s, Pepsi, ICI Paints and Reckitt Benckiser continued with 20 % of the offers made by this industry, giving marketing professionals in XL the best jobs in the industry. The Retail revolution made its impact felt at XLRI with Raymond’s, RPG and Reliance Retail offering roles in retail.

The General Management & Strategy Sector was represented by prestigious companies like TAS, Novartis, ABG and Dr Reddy's along with newcomers like Arcelor Mittal Steel, Trident and Pfizer which offered challenging high-level roles to the chosen few. XLers seemed to have every choice of theirs fulfilled with the IT sector adding to the array of choices already given to them. CTS, Motorola, HP, IBM, TechMahindra, and HCL offered varied profiles to the Systems Professionals along with Sasken Communication Technologies which was visiting the campus for the first time.

XLRI has always been a favored hunting ground for recruiting who value gender diversity. This follows from the institutional directive enforced by the admission process.

With its clearly established leadership in HR and Marketing and its march to the top of the heap in the Finance and Consulting Areas, XLRI is truly achieving its motto of Excellence in every sphere of an MBA, truly making it a world class institution.

Professor Uday Damodaran, the Chairperson of Placement Committee summed it up as: “For us at XLRI, the metric of success is not the speed at which students were picked up- which was phenomenal- but the fact that each student got exactly the job profile that he/she was looking for.”

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