Sunday, February 11, 2007

Water network tie-up

The East Singhbhum district administration has tied up with XLRI and Unicef, for the implementation of the “swajaldhara scheme”, which is expected to improve the drinking water network in remote areas of the district.

A team of 17 XLRI students visited villages like Musabani and Chandralekha to give a feedback on the ways to reach out to the communities.

The students, after the visit, made a presentation before deputy commissioner, Nitin Madan Kulkarni. “We found there is an awareness about the scheme, but there are misconceptions, too. The awareness level needs to be raised for an active participation of the community,” one of the students said.

Under the scheme, a bore well is dug and the water is stored in a tanker. It is then distributed through a pipeline. The Union government has funded 90 per cent of the cost while 10 per cent is provided by the community.

The operation is supervised by a committee formed by the community.

At present, 12 such schemes are complete while eight are being done. Ten of these fall under Musabani and Ghatshila, while others are under Parsudih, Chakulia and Bahragora.

The administration hopes that six of the remaining eight schemes will be complete by March-end.

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