Tuesday, October 03, 2006

CEO Forum- The treasure trove of Experience

P. Rama Babu, M.D. of EID Parry, and the President-elect of ISMA (Indian Sugar Mills Association), gave a lecture at XLRI on the 30th September as a part of the CEO Forum, an effort by XLRI to nurture its budding managers and future CEOs. By personal example, he inspired XLers, to sometimes give up comfortable leadership positions, in the pursuit of something challenging. The thunderous applause and the peals of laughter with which the lecture was interjected, itself was testimony to the immense effect which Mr. Rama Babu had on these impressionable minds.

Vineet Jain, a first year Business Management student said, “I found the lecture to be a highly enriching experience. The lecture made us aware of the significant HR challenges faced by managers in the brick and mortar companies, a sector which contributes to 25% of India's GDP”

“He stressed on ethics, which according to me is very important in today’s corporate world. The importance of following the right system in an organization as pointed out by him cannot be overemphasized” Shraddha, a second year student majoring in Finance said. “I also liked the way he used different approaches for tackling different types of situations in his company”.

While Anand Chandak, a first year student, appreciated Babu’s enthusiasm in the lecture saying, “He had a great sense of humour. His entire journey was very inspiring. Starting from an entry level position to becoming an MD!” Shiv Rohira described Mr. Rama Babu as a dynamic person and said, “Knowledge and gut feeling as well as their combination gives you an idea about the importance of creativity in management and its not just the bookish knowledge that helps, as pointed out very well by him”

The impact he left in that small duration, gave budding managers at XLRI, a glimpse into the makings of a true managerial expert. The third lecture coming up as part of the CEO Forum Series next week, is by Mr. Sanjiv Bhasin, Managing Director of ROBO Bank. The informality of the lecture, combined with the generosity of these eminent personalities, shown by their sharing the treasure trove of their experiences, is what is making this unique initiative by XLRI, a runaway success; A perfect practical complement to the unmatched academic excellence practiced here


Anonymous said...

why two posts on the same topic :o?

Anonymous said...

Why no post about the CEO forum speech by Mr. Bhasin of ROBO Bank, as mentioned above ?

Madhukar said...

Dear Anonymous

thanks for your comments and interest.

I guess you are an XL alumni...
can you please be more forthright in posting you comments with you name - so that there can be a meaningful conversation.

Frankly, it is tiresome to listen and respond to nameless, faceless creatures who dont believe that they have an identity they can subscribe to...


JC said...

Dear Prof Madhukar,
I am the anon commenter 1, I admit my comment taken along with comment 2 sounds overtly critical of the splendid job that EL is doing in maintaining this blog...That was not my intension. I understand what a thankless job this can be. But I still wish to remain a faceless creature to avoid irking the wrong person for obvious reasons... Instead I shall henceforth comment under the alias JC

Madhukar said...

Thanks for the response, JC!

I am sure you have some suggestions/ideas about how we can improve upon what we are doing (or trying to do)... why not write to me sepaately what you find missing here, or what we can do to better.

If you are from the current batch, we can also meet personally sometime