Thursday, August 25, 2005

Dr. Ram Kumar Kakani - Best Young Teacher

Our faculty in the area of Corporate Finance and Strategy will be conferred the “Best Young Teacher Award” by the Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) on the 30th of August at its 17th AIMS annual convention to be held in Hyderabad. The award consists of a gold medal (sponsored by Blue Shift) and a felicitation.

He dedicated the award to his teachers without whose support, he said, he could not have come such a long way. Dr Kakani also thanked the XLRI community by saying, “XLRI as an institute and its faculty are known for their commitment to carry out research and impart quality education. The environment and resources available at the institute facilitate an individual’s penchant for research. I am grateful to my colleagues and students who have time and again facilitated my research and appreciated my teaching methodology. At times they have added to the experience by giving me valuable feedback”.

At a young age of 34 years, Dr. Kakani has various laurels to his credit. His research interests which are in the areas of Corporate Strategy, Business & Financial Analysis, Corporate Governance, and Business Families.

This is a proud moment for all in the XLRI family. The students, faculty members, administration congratulate him for this achievement and wish him greater success in the future.


Anonymous said...

Prof Kakani - Hail Thee !

He is the best FIN-prof around. his 1/2 mark assignments were harrowing - very true, but they were the ones that ended up improving our knowledge of finance. I don't claim to be a fin-stud post his course, but heh, am not illiterate either. thnx prof.....Judith

Finance said...

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Anonymous said...

After many gloomy days, the sun seems to be shinning over my fin fundas. We are enjoying your stay with us at IIMK. We hope to have many more days of fun talking and playing finance with you.

Kudos to you for winning the award!!

Anonymous said...

I was reading your book "How to read a Balance Sheet", what a wonderful book you have written. Thanks for providing us such a good material. This book has really helped me understanding financial concepts.
You have explained financial concepts in much simplistic form!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Great going chief of your Junta :)