Wednesday, February 02, 2005

India, China could become the tail that wagged global IT dog’

Excerpts from The Financial Express, National Edition, Feb 2, 2005

JAMSHEDPUR, FEB 1: The share of India and China in the global IT industry would go up in the near future as per Nik Dholakia.

Giving his views on the business process outsourcing (BPO) scenario the world over, especially in the Indian and the US context, Prof Dholakia said the momentum was definitely tilted towards China and India.
The global IT industry is currently estimated to comprise an electronics goods market worth $300 billion, a computers and software market worth $1,000 billion and a $1,300 billion telecom market.
Speaking at XLRI campus here on IT-enabled globalisation of what he described as his “aerial view” of India, Prof Dholakia said even though the numbers were very small and India’s contribution was not even a drop in the bucket, yet in the global IT industry, India and China (the latter because of its hardware base) could become the tail that wagged the global dog.

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Anonymous said...

"The share of India and China in the global IT industry would go up in the near future despite the fact that India’s current share is a mere $50 million in the $2,600 billion worth global IT industry, as per Nik Dholakia."

The figures show that, India's share is 0.002 % in the IT industry. I think it is close to 2 % as per the today's data.

Solo said...

I know this isn't the right forum for venting spleen, but the way XLRI has sent interview calls this year is unfathomable, and frustrating. You have imposed a strict cutoff of 95th percentile in Quantitative Aptitude, disregarding good performance in the other sections.
Clearly, XL wants quant gurus, but is this the right way to gauge aptitude for mathematics? You decided to impose a cutoff of 95 on quant. So far, so good. But aren't you ignoring other parameters? Your reasoning is understandable if it had been a XAT of the old pattern, with sectional time limits, so that a person who gets 98th percentile in Quant is better than a guy who gets 92nd, as both of them got 40 minutes to do it. But this time, there were no sectional limits, and far from being a criteria of competence, a high quant score may just mean that the person decided to spend some more time on quant as compared to the other sections. Had I spent 5 minutes less in English and given that to quant, I would've got the call. In my humble opinion, XL is using last year's criteria to judge this year's performances.

XAT had a very well-written passage on Generalists vs Too-Specialized Managers. This was clearly an allegory to developing holistic, emotionally sensitive managers, which XL claims it does, as against extremely specialized courses that are being offered by the 'modern', rapidly advancing B Schools. I really admired that passage, and the XL prof who'd chosen that to be included in XAT. In effect, they were saying, "We still focus on fundamentals, we don't get blown away by unproven modernist sentiment." But this year's call scene really turns this proposition on its head.

Vishal, XAT Roll No. 701561
Quant/GA/English 92.2/99.22/99.88
Overall 99.88

P.S. I understand that you may be unhappy with the way I've used this blog to give my views. If you disagree with whatever I've said, you're welcome to delete this comment.

Anonymous said...

$ 50 million ???!!!!
now there r 2 possibilities here...
the newspaper made a mistake n u guys dint care to correct it
or that this nik fellow is a moron ...n u ppl were sleeping during his talk ?
last heard it was more than $5 billion ...

wake up ppl ...time the "premier" institute of india stops sitting on its a** ..n does something to justify that ...