Tuesday, September 28, 2004

More FAQs On Xpress

1. "I have not been able to play the game despite repeated attempts. What do I do?"
Due to overload on the server, some of you might not have been able to play the game, in spite of registering. In that case, please register again and play the game.
If you have any problem in Registration or while playing the game, please mail exlink@xlri.ac.in.
2. What are the datelines of Xpress?
Stage 1 of Xpress, is now open.
Stage 2 will be up today.
Stage 3 will be up next.
All rounds of the game can be played at any time. For instance, even a team which registers only on the last date (September 30) can play all three rounds at one go.
3. "What about my team?"
1. A maximum of three members can be part of a team.
2. Any number of teams can participate from each College.
3. Team members can also be from different Colleges, in which case, you could mention the name of one College in the Registration Field, and mail exlink@xlri.ac.in with details of all team members and Colleges, stating the Registration ID.
4. "How do I play the game? What do I have to remember?"
1. Register by completing all fields.
2. Make a note of the Registration ID, as this would be required to play the next two rounds.
3. The team has to attempt each Stage in one sitting. So, if you log in and start a round, and SUBMIT the answers, you cannot get back to the completed round.
4. In case of an Internet connection failure, obviously you would not have submitted the answers, which means you can log back and complete them, though you will have to fill the answers all again. So, it is advisable to take adequate precautions.
5. The game can be played any time, on or before 11.59 pm, September 30, 2004.
5. How will the winners be chosen?
1. Winners will be chosen on the basis of the cumulative scores of all three Stages.
2. In all, five teams will be invited on an all-expense paid trip to XLRI Jamshedpur.
6. What is in store for Winners?
1. Winners get an all-expense paid trip to XLRI Jamshedpur: a chance to meet the finest minds across B Schools and world-renowned Professors of XLRI.
2. Cash Awards
3. Certificate of appreciation
7. "How do I get my queries answered?"
Visit this Web Log: http://xlri.blogspot.com/
Mail exlink@xlri.ac.in
Call Tanay Mishra at 098353 65500 or Pradeep Ramarathnam at 098353 70627


Anonymous said...

the contest n all is very gud effort by yu guyz .... but hey .... do think of us UG guyz .... we r breaking our head for the thing .... atleast keep some complimntry gifts // prizeS plZZZZZZ!!!!!! ......


Anonymous said...

I am karthik subramaniam.Xpress was the best event i had ever taken part in.Every question in it was excellent.I especially enjoyed The Last Mile as it brought out the CEO in me.watch out guys for three teams from chennai.WE'll be there at Ensemble

Balaji said...


I had finished "The Last Mile" already and also got the Thanksgiving Message. But If, I login once again I find the level to be uncompleted. Please, Clarify this and

my e-mail id is: sbalajiiyer@yahoo.co.on

my xlri id is: KIE5564I1933

Anonymous said...

xpress was indeed an wonderful event ..but due to the all the extentions involved in the deadlines, the whole event had lost its glamour. specially the last round that had to be completed in two days was extended for around five days. Any moron could solve that kinna stuff in five days!

Abhijit said...

Hey, atleast post the 'Coporate Ladder' results on ur site. And best-of-luck to all U XLers for the games u gamble in...Bye.

Anonymous said...

please announce the results early....its nerve breaking out there