Wednesday, August 11, 2004

XLRI has a new director & he's on a mission

From The Economic Times Learning Curve dated August 9, 2004

After 30 years in management education, Fr N Casimir Raj is ready to redefine the Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI).

His first stop: A new vision and mission statement for the 55-year-old institute that consistently ranks among the very best in the country. “Access, globalisation and localisation,” says Fr Raj will be the focal points of XLRI’s new philosophy. ...

It [XLRI] is among the first premier institutes in the country to have taken to the distance mode of education with its certificate programmes in business management and human resources, offered via satellite classrooms across the country.

It [XLRI] is also among the first to have headed overseas with its international campus in Dubai. Fr Raj hopes to take these global ambitions further with an eye on the SAARC and south-east Asian countries including Sri Lanka, Singapore and Thailand. ...

At some distance from conventional management, XLRI is looking to work at the grassroots level in the Jharkhand area to fulfil, says Fr Raj, its “social obligation to the state.” So, in the near-term an entrepreneurship development cell that will work at the grassroots and with medium-sized enterprises is planned. XLRI is also involved in a healthcare services project with Tata Main Hospital to provide technical and general manpower training.

Again in the healthcare sector, the institute is working with IIT Chennai to provide tele-health checking for people in the villages.

Fr Raj hopes to have XLRI’s new vision and mission statement prepared by mid-September. Once out, XLRI will have its work cut out for it. Full Story

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