Saturday, July 17, 2004

A Young Batch Enters The Portals of XLRI

* Average Age of the Batch of 2006 is 22 years


This June, a fresh batch of young, bright, “laptop-savvy” wannabe managers – the batch of 2006 – entered the hallowed portals of XLRI Jamshedpur. The strength of the Business Management Programme (BMD) and Asia’s best HR Management Programme – Personnel Management & Industrial Relations (PMIR) – remains at 127 and 65 respectively.

Besides fresh graduates, the batch includes quite a few, 34 per cent to be precise, who bring with them an impressive record of work experience. As usual, this batch of ‘XLers’ is also an exceptional group of achievers, with a demonstrated record of accomplishments in various spheres.

The batch has an interesting mix of cultures with students hailing from virtually all corners of the country, bolstering the fact that XLRI commands an unassailable brand equity across the country.

A new student aptly summed up the XLRI spirit of camaraderie and bonding when he said, “It is amazing how the seniors knew us all by our names and faces in hardly a weeks’ time. They are genuinely interested in getting to know us better and the camaraderie they share with us is to be seen to be believed.” 
The batch of 2006 is all set to fulfill the dreams and aspirations with which they have come here. And this talented lot will carry forward that unique tradition of XLRI – Excellence is a way of life. 

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